Naomi Murillo

I have always loved to play with hair and makeup. At an early age I found myself in my room playing with make up and getting lost in it. While being bored at home I would be in front of the mirror practicing different ideas. Luckily I didn't have to rely on using just myself because I had a little sister I could practice on. She was seven years younger than me which made practicing on her extremely easy. She was my living little barbie doll and I loved it! I would glam her up, grab a camera and have little photo shoots. Back then I thought it was just play-time. 

During middle school and high school I became the designated friend and teammate that would do everyone's hair. Before games you could find me braiding, styling, and touching up all of my teammates hair.  For dances it was more of the same.  There I was, providing all the services of a stylist like I am today.  They came first and I came last which often resulted in me being the last one ready. In the end it didn't matter. Helping them look beautiful made it all worth it.

Little did I know that all of that time spent doing those things in high school was in reality training that produced the skills that I use to this very day.  After extensive schooling I recieved my cosmetology license to pursue my career. People often ask me, "Why do you enjoy doing what you do?".  My answer is simple, "The reward I receive is that smile I get from a client.. You can't put a price tag on that". Being a Hair and Makeup artist for me is not just a job, but a way of life.




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